Advertising on the printed Festival

Printed publicity of the International Beauty Expo is spread in beauty salons, beauty centers and professional shop of St. Petersburg, Moscow and other regions of Russia. Posters are placed in friendly beauty events, beauty salons and on city streets.
1. To place the modular advertizing in the guide's book (50 000 copies)
-1 page (А4)
- on each page 6x1,5 см или 6x2 см;
- placing a bookmark on the page of the exhibitor.
2. Placing the companies' Logo on printed materials
- Posters (5000 copies.)
- Invitations (500 000 copies)
- Catalogs - (3 000 copies).
3. Lacing the information in the official news paper NEVSKIE BEREGA (10 000 copies)

Advertising in the official catalog of the International Beauty Expo NEVSKIE BEREGA

The Official Catalog of International Beauty Expo NEVSKIE BEREGA issued in 3 000 copies, distributed at the event. An electronic version of the catalog is available on the official website. Number of views: 70 thousand.

1. Lodging modular advertising:
- 1 page (A4);
- ½ page (A5);
- Double;
- 2, 3 cover;
- The first turn;
- On each page 19x0, 8 cm or 6x2 cm
2. The Information block in the official catalog: company name, logo, contacts, text to 600 characters.
3. Placing a bookmark on the page of the exhibitor.

Advertising on banners, advertising columns and billboards

Banners, posters and advertising stands at International Beauty Expo NEVSKIE BEREGA, will help to attract the target audience, as on the day of the event is visited by over 25 thousand people.

1. Banners:
- On the main stage - a 4 * 1.5 m and a 5 * 4 m;
- On the main stage - the size of 6 x 10 m;
- On the podium of the main stage - size 6 * 7.5 m;
- Over mobile (side) stands a 10 * 3 m;
- Near the stage area - up to 12 m2;

For more information about price and collaboration, contact
Victoria Odobesku
+7 (911) 161-17-54